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SIL debuts with ‘Body’; sets for collaboration


With his debut single released on April 3, SIL has set his eyes on a popular musician he said he would love to duet with very soon. He would not reveal the musician though.

His first single, entitled “Body”, was released online on Friday after futile efforts to get a record deal, a major problem that other young talents in his mould has in Nigeria.

Tired of waiting for what may eventually not happen, the young musician decided to risk taking a shot at doing something with his career all alone, hence his decision to release the single online.

“Many up-and-coming musicians have done that and they’ve ended up not regretting it. I fancy my chances of success, hence my decision to take the bull by the horns,” he told Doggone News Associated (DNA)

SIL also said he plans to collaborate with one of the raves in the country, but he would not let the cat out of the bag for now.

“I am already working on a remix of “Body”, set to shoot a video for it and then drop another single from my EP. The EP is going to be a bang. My producer, Kingpin, will ensure that”, he said.

On his inspiration for “Body”, SIL disclosed that his debut single “is a song that appreciates the beauty and physique of a African women. It speaks about a black African woman’s gorgeousness, her sexiness, how carriage, among others.

The less than four minutes song was  written by the young musician.


By: Aduloju Daniel