PMAN partners NCC on piracy eradication in Nigeria

PMAN President, Pretty Okafor, during a recent courtesy visit to the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC ), discussed with the Director General of NCC, Mr John O. Asein , matters of concern to Right Holders and Musicians in the country, in regards to Piracy of musical works and the disparity of the current Royalty Distribution system being used by major distributors of Nigerian Music.


The PMAN President decried the current system that leaves the hardworking young musicians with only 0.05% of the total revenue generated from the use of their musical works, while the major companies that provide the distribution platforms take 95.5% of the gross revenue from the music industry.


The Director General of NCC, John O.Asein commended the timeliness of PMAN’s efforts and promised that the commission will work “ very closely “ with the PMAN and all Music Industry stakeholders across the board, to address these issues and proffer sustainable solutions in favor of the Right Holders and the vibrant musicians.


By: Aduloju Daniel