Taye Currency's son, Adebisi Yusuf Oladeni

FUMAN Congratulates Makinde, Sanwo Olu, AYO

The national president of Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria, (FUMAN), Mr a.k.a Sensation, has congratulated Taye Currency for the success of his son, Adebisi Yusuf Oladeni, at the election into the Oyo State House of Assembly.
Currency, an award winner, is a member of the music body. His son will represent the Ibadan South West 1 constituency in the government house.
Taye Currency's  son, Adebisi Yusuf Oladeni
Taye Currency’s son, Adebisi Yusuf Oladeni
Sensation said the victory of Yusuf is a victory for Nigerian youths as well as the entertainment industry where his father has made his landmark achievement as a musician and actor.
“We are proud of your family. You have proved that families of Fuji musicians can also achieve greatness in the academic and political profession. Your achievement at 25 is a landmark. We shall always make you a reference point in Nigeria’s politics. Your father and FUMAN are happy for you,” he said.
 President Of  (FUMAN), Mr a.k.a Sensation
President Of (FUMAN), Mr a.k.a Sensation
He also congratulated Mr Sanwo Olu, Engineer Seyi Makinde and Buhari for their successees as Lagos, Oyo states and Nigeria in the elections held late February and early March.
“It is our hope that all recently elected politicians would help to build the country’s entertainment so that it can be self sustaining. Musicians we’re very instrumental in the success of.many politicians. If we are not that important in promoting politicians, they won’t be using us to gather crowd during their campaigns.
“They should not wait till the next political campaigns before they do what we have all been asking for, which is creating enabling environment and policies for the industry to thrive. The success so far recorded had been by out own efforts. We can do much better with the support of the government by creating a ministry for the industry,” he pleaded.