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Exclusive: High On Ice Cream – How Toyin Aimakhu’s New Man Proposed To Her

How Toyin Aimakhu’s new man proposed to her – High on ice cream

Doggone News Associated (DNA) has been told by a witness how the man in the life of Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu Abraham, proposed to her in her Lekki home on Wednesday night.

The mysterious lawyer, accompanied by a cab driver and a friend from their days at a higher institution of learning, arrived at the actress’s apartment around 11pm, and were ushered in by one of Toyin’s assistants.

“The man admitted that he had butterfly in his stomach as they approached Toyin’s house, so he instructed the driver to pull over at Mega Chicken where he bought a cone of ice cream to calm frayed nerves. He was afraid Toyin might reject him,” he said.

When they got there, an odd hour to the Ibadan-based lawyer, who believes that a woman should not be visited anytime after 8/9pm, was edged on by the warm reception he and his friends received from the actress. “Aunty was still up by that time, but she was in her room,” DNA source said.

Toyin Aimakhu
Toyin Stylishly Flaunting Her Ring

Apparently expecting the lawyer, he asked the actress to briefly come outside so he can tell her something about her movie, “The Ghost And The Tout”, which is presently selling out at major cinemas nationwide.

She declined, insisting that he must say whatever he wanted to say right there. Taken off guard, and sensing that his plan was about to fail, the lawyer pleaded with the actress to follow him outside so he could freely talk. She finally agreed.

When they got to Toyin’s sitting room, where there were four others there. Before these others, which included a lady and a guy, relatives of the actress, and the lawyer’s friend from London, the lawyer proposed.

“My friend later told me that he didn’t know what was he was doing, but he had to do it. On a knee, which he couldn’t remember, and which I also can’t, my friend’s rehearsed words vanished, ” his UK colleague told DNA in a phone chat.

“With only his words, he said: “See this rings, one is for you and one is for me.” (The usual thing was for the lawyer to present one ring, the one for the lady, but in his state of confusion, he cared less about protocol) “Would you do me the honour and pick one of it?, he begged.

Nursing a heartbreak since parting with Adeniyi Johnson about three years ago, Toyin, who had said several times that she was willing to give marriage another trial, replied: “Do the right thing and pick the right one.”

“My boss picked the right one, slid it in Toyin’s left hand band, and asked her to marry him. It fitted perfectly.
“The next thing we heard was a loud yes, said repeatedly, and everyone started jumping, clapping, praising God for another opportunity,” said the anonymous UK-based lawyer.

Toyin has taken to the social media to announce her engagement to an undisclosed lawyer though, but be sure DNA will keep you posted on developments as it happens.

Please, how should Toyin handle her relationship this time around, knowing that many had already concluded that it was over for the actress since her messy divorce from Johnson? Send in your advice to the amiable actress