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Exclusive: Controversy Trails Taye Currency’s Fatal Accident Claim

A medical practitioner, Dr Adeyefa Victor, and an automobile engineer, Mr Yekini Agbaje, have controverted claims by Ibadan-based Fuji musician, Taye Currency, that he survived a fatal accident along Ile-Ile-ibadan Expressway penultimate Friday.

Currency told a media outfit that Nigerians should help him thank God for surviving a fatal accident unhurt after his vehicle somersaulted 15 times, the experts bone of contention.

Dr Adeyefa said it was not possible for a vehicle to be on top speed and passengers would escape unhurt after it might have somersaulted 15 times.  “4/5 times, maybe. But 15 times? It is not possible. We need to ask some questions here. Was he the one driving? “No”, Doggone News Associated (DNA) told him.
Probing further, the Belgium-trained medical expert asked if the musician was directly behind the driver seat or beside the driver. According to one of his aides, Taye sat next to the driver, while his two personal assistants sat in the back of the Toyota Hilux truck.

 Taye Currency’s Fatal Accident - Picture Of The Truck
Taye Currency’s Fatal Accident – Picture Of The Truck

“If the vehicle was going on top speed, and on a sloppy road, it would’ve been disastrous. But if it was on a straight road, after 4/5 somersaults, it would come to a halt, or be stopped by an object such as a tree and others,” said the doctor.

The report further had it that Taye still headed for Ado Ekiti to perform at the commissioning of some projects by the state governor, Ayo Fayose. “He had to go because he had collected his appearance fee. Besides, many top dignitaries were to be at the event and Taye couldn’t afford not to be there, said the aide who craved anonymity.

“For the report to be true; that he survived it, I mean, then he is not sure of the number of somersaults. Besides, he could have used a belt. But even at that, he wouldn’t have been able to travel to Ekiti and still perform till the weekend hours of the next day. He would have been admitted to check for brain, chest and other internal injuries,” the doctor told DNA.

Mr Yekini also said he doubted the report because a vehicle that somersaults 12-15 times would be badly damaged.
“From the pictures that I saw, that truck probably somersaulted twice or thrice. That’s the only way the occupants would have escaped unhurt. I heard Taye was the only one that was injured, while the three others did not have a scratch on their bodies.
“It’s hard to believe he would only have a small scratch on his head after his truck somersaulted 15 times. The truck would have been crushed beyond recognition and so, they wouldn’t have been able to go somewhere to perform. They all would be in critical condition at an hospital right now. But then, we should thank God for his life,” he said.

Taye Currency
Taye Currency

Iyanda Ganiyu, however, told DNA that Taye not only survived the fatal accident, he has travelled to Saudi Arabia for the lesser Hajj.
“His head was bandaged all through the show. But he is okay now. A passerby who recognized him took him to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital where his bleeding head was treated, and thereafter, a car was chartered to take him to Ekiti.

“He will be back from Umra hours before, or after the Ramadan festival,” he told DNA.