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‘Body’ virus spreads to Russia, US, UK, Canada, other European countries

Like virus, the debut single of SIL, titled “Body”, is spreading all over the world and Rabiu Ayoade Adeola, his real names, is excited about this.
Initially worried that coronavirus would deal a blow on fans’ acceptance of the song, reports from SoundCloud, Audiomack, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Music show that SIL is the latest musician whose song is trending in this hard time the world is in. Less than one week after SIL released the single, digital downloads of the song has been beyond the young musician’s expectations.
SIL- 'Body' - Soundcloud downloads
SIL ‘Body’ SoundCloud Download, as at Friday, was 210k downloads.
German digital outfit, SoundCloud, as at Friday, was 210k, while that of Audiomack was 2.7k.
SIL, expressing his surprise to Doggone News Associated (DNA, said he was worried that the present lockdown might work against him, but “God told me to go ahead and do my part while he would do his. This is just God at work”.
Trending more overseas for now, Russia leads the pack with over 150k streams, up by almost 30k from last week, while United States follows with almost 12k+ streams from less than 10k last week. “That’s the beauty of digital streaming. I know things will only get better,” he added.
SIL 'Body' - Audiomack download  as at Friday was 2.7k downloads
SIL ‘Body’ – Audiomack download as at Friday was 2.7k downloads
Another flip to the report is that Canada, UK, Netherlands made strong showing as “Body” was streamed by 816; 765 and 762 amongst the three countries. Nigeria, where 229 fans streamed the song last week dropped to fourth spot with 241 streams. On Instagram and Facebook, viewership was 18k and 28k respectively.
To further promote “Body” among Nigerians, Kingpin, the song producer, said they have embarked on a dance/song/comedy skit challenge #bodychallenge and #catchthebodyvirus, where participant with the highest views will receive N20,000 cash, while the second and third will receive N10,000 and N5,000 respectively.
“Already, people have been responding. A lady from Benin is killing it on her Facebook page presently. The video is exciting. But we expect more videos from the fans with time,” said Kingpin, producer of “Baby”.
Kingpin, real names Aborisade Samuel, also told DNA that SIL had started working on his second single, “even as we are preparing to shoot video for “Body”.
On April 3, SIL released his first single after several efforts to get signed to a label failed.
The song, which has recorded about half a million streams and downloads, is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, among other digital outfits
By Aduloju Daniel