D'Banj and Daniel D'Third,

D’Banj’s Son’s Death: Musician, Psychologist Caution Celebs

A musician, ADY, has described as a tragic end the drowning of D’Banj’s 1 year old son, Daniel D’Third, on Sunday. The toddler strayed to the swimming pool inside the Ikoyi mansion of the Koko Master on June 24 and drowned Peeved by the obvious carelessness of the mother, Ibadan-based ADY urged D’Banj’s colleagues not to be sentimental about the tragedy, but should apportion blame to who deserves it.

“We like to take serious issues with levity in Nigeria. Many top artists will not address the issue of carelessness on the part of the mother, or the nanny, whoever should have been monitoring the little kid that day. I read D’Banj traveled to Los Angeles for the BET award, so he can be excused. But did he take his wife with him? If he did, I would expect him to have taken the boy along too. If he didn’t, where was the wife,?he queried.

A father of two, ADY said a lot goes into raising a child. “101% attention is top of the duties. I always instructed my wife to pay serious attention to my children while they were growing up or we would fight. From what has happened, I can haphazard a guess that D’Banj spent more time with the boy whenever he was around than the wife. I’ve never seen his wife do that more than him. Check out the pictures they post on social media platforms. So, where was she?

Using the opportunity to call on parents to understand what is expected of them, he expressed his sadness about the loss and prayed to God to heal any emotional wounds that has been afflicted.

“I really feel for him, and also his wife. I am a father and a fan of D’Banj too. But words won’t bring him back. Only God can fill the vacuum that has been created. It is never a good thing for a father to lose a son. My condolences to the family,” he said.

A clinical psychologist, Dr Richard Olaiya in Lagos, cautioned Nigerians on the imported lifestyles they are living as it is having a negative effect on them and their followers.

“It is unAfrican to site swimming pools in our homes. People will talk because a celebrity is involved in a tragic story, but we don’t talk about their excessive tastes. While I don’t blame whoever wants to have a pool or anything in his house, it doesn’t make any sense to have such in a house with toddlers. Kids are always inquisitive the moment they begin to crawl. That’s when attention is more important because you’ll never know when they’ll be out of your sight.

“Sadly as the report is, so also is the issue of alcohol abuse as being promoted by musicians in their videos. In less than a decade, the number of young Nigerians with kidney and liver problems have risen and nobody is talking. In the future, when we begin to lose these men, we will probably blame it on the government.

“Responsibility comes with a lot of work and diligence. Raising a kid is tougher than keeping a job. So, that is a job in itself. If this had happened abroad, you can be sure that the woman and man would be prosecuted because a life is involved. I am sorry for him and his wife. I hope others will learn a lesson from this,” he added.

D’Banj has described this “as trying times,” but expressed faith in God for being “faithful always.”

Just last month, Daniel turned a year. D’Banj had a low key wedding to Lineo Didi Kilgrow almost 2 years ago.